mod_gzip on Windows

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[不指定 2006/12/20 18:33 | by ipaddr ]
This one was a difficult one to Google through (kept finding old 1.3 Apache stuff), even though the process itself is pretty quick, so I thought I'd record what I did to get mod_gzip running on Apache 2.0.48 for Windows.

1) Downloaded the zip file with the built DLL from Index of /development/apache/httpd-2.0/win32/modules
2) copied into my Apache modules directory
3) copied the settings from my_cfg.txt (contained in the zip file) into my httpd.conf
4) Got a copy of zlib.dll. Placed this in my apache bin directory.
5) Restarted the server

Web Page Analyzer verified that gzip was working and also reports that I'm about 50K lighter on the HTML (20K versus 70K).

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